By MsQuizzical

Ivy Visitors 27

Top of the ivy league today, the central image, is a very smart, black and white ichneumon wasp. Could be Coelichneumon deliratorius. Love it that I'm still finding new ivy subjects.

I've included the owl midge/drain fly/moth fly, even though it is a rubbish shot, as it is a new subject too. The honeybee isn't new but I've added it as its tongue/proboscis can be seen clearly. Neither are the flesh fly and Tachina fera new but I like the patterns on their bottoms. Another common drone fly.

Two Harlequin ladybirds, which are very variable and some sort of house fly I think.

I found a wonderful grey dagger moth caterpillar and wished that it had been on the ivy. :) 

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