Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Coal Tit

Filled up the bird feeders this morning and in they swooped. Two gardens along there were lots of little birds enjoying apples on a neighbour's tree. They leave my apples alone though and as usual there were a good few windfalls to retrieve. 

Thanks for all the lovely comments on yesterday's harvest moon. It was so bright again last night but it was too cloudy to see it  this morning. 

I must say I was knocked out by my covid (or flu) vaccination. I've never had a reaction to any vaccination in the past but I knew all about this one. So lucky not to have to try to work or have any caring responsibilities. I spent most of the day dozing. Not particularly pleasant but better than flu or covid, neither of which I wish to contract again if possible. 

Feeling much recovered today and I'll soon be off to a meeting for my trustee role. It will be small but purposeful. Afterwards I can come home and, if need be, put my feet up again. 

Our local football team, Stirling Albion (the Binos), has a televised match today. Imagine that. Cameraman and one of his pals plan to watch it here. 'Mon the Binos! 

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