By BlipCommunity

October Community Challenge: Connections

21 October marks NINETEEN years since the first photo was uploaded on Blipfoto! 

We started thinking about nineteen years of people interacting on our platform and wondering how many connections have been made on or through Blip in those ten million minutes!  

We’d like to use this month’s Community Challenge for you to help us celebrate connections you’ve experienced through Blipfoto.  

We’d love to hear anecdotes about friendships you’ve made virtually and physically through Blipfoto but please feel free to think wider than that too. We’ve got as far as connections between people and with nature - the universe, even - or perhaps a coincidence or serendipitous moment linked with blipping or how you started blipping.

What springs to mind for you? There might even be something that happens during this three week challenge while you’re out finding your photo!

In terms of the photograph to accompany your anecdote, we’re looking for photos linked to the word ‘Connections’.  We thought RHelena’s bridges was a perfect example here! 

In the run-up to our anniversary, we’d like to encourage you to tag up to two images #Blipfoto19. And you’ll probably know by now, we like to shout about our special place in the media so if you’ll let us share your photo (not your journal) and any anecdotes you think of, please add the tag #OK2share.

Entries are welcome from now until 21 October.

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