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Connections Challenge Summary

Take a break and enjoy the summary of our Connections Challenge which has been a real pleasure piecing together! There are some absorbing journal entries and photos here and it’s worth taking some time out to browse - maybe even to connect up with someone new!

BlipMeets are always going to be of great importance in the connection stakes. Mikedetrapia and AmandoAlentejo's first ever virtual friends turned ‘real’ friends, HarlingDarling and keibr, met during the challenge. Pandammonium also connected by air to reflect her BlipMeet with blipper Gillsabroad in Japan. Jamjar reminisced and shared her first BlipMeet in Spain whilst HedgeHouse and Mydaytoday2018 tell us who introduced them to Blipfoto. Cheeryoscuro finds himself hooked on hats and ApolloFly meets a BlipFriend for the afternoon. SpotsofTime makes a poignant and now thankful note about more uncertain times. SaraEvans shares smiles all round!

Wingpig shared his 6000th Blip tally and we spotted a blipper whose last blip was sixteen years ago but still dropped by to wish him congratulations! In Carolinav’s beautiful connection with nature, she reflects on her pride and happiness to be part of Blipfoto. Ceridwen uses her winding coastal path for the most touching retrospection (which coincidentally marked thirteen years to the day that she began her journal!) which we follow with kendallishere's perspective. Ripitup continues in a similar vein and makes for another inspiring read. 

We saw people remembering photos reflecting connections from years gone by on their journals like chrisf’s bridge  LadyFindhorn's stairways, ValC’s connections with flora. Many of us know how important blippers become to us and the loss of a blipper can be devastating - even when you haven’t met them in person; Meles wrote a moving post for blipper Ogatodomar. 

SeriousFrolic connects past with present. Steveng shared this beautiful panorama for the challenge and says that looking for interesting images has led him into projects he would never have thought of trying. SueMiddleton, sk, Dunnie, DavidKeith, BlackTulip and lreininho connect with some really beautiful aspects of nature.

Jon_Davey made an interesting photographic connection with his town hall - also under community management. Sofiavillanueva’s makes the connection with photography, spishy her pooch. Shutterup uses alliums as a metaphor and marchmont her room (with a huge set of blippers she’s connected with!) Jensphotos links Blipfoto with drumming and adds, “I have to say there is not one BlipMeet I have been to that isn't like old friends meeting.” 

Now, this is what you call connections - check out what Bababarbara found! How many?! 

There are some sophisticated things going on with Wendles56 revealing her spreadsheet that connects to another blipper. (If we tell you chocolate is involved, don’t all go trying to sign up!) ElspethAnne had to look up for her photo whilst ChrisG and Sheol found themselves a birthday number 19!

To finish, an acknowledgement to blipper McCaviti for the use of her image and her heartwarming journal entry and laurie54 for giving us the idea for what has been a really fascinating set of entries. It’s fitting that we finish with her words:

“Blipfoto has taught me to connect with the earth and the sky, the mountains and the desert, and my eye with the camera. Because of blip, I am still making connections…with nature, with people (met and unmet) and with a world without borders.
Congratulations, Blipfoto. And thank you.

And thank you ALL for taking the time to take part!

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