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Savouring The Simple Things

Around the world, the cost of living crisis has been top of the news agenda throughout the year, affecting so many of us. It has made us stop and think and focus on what really matters in life.  

Embracing the simple things has never been more in focus! Taking a photo a day prompts us to stop and look at the world around us and celebrate the wonder we see every day. 

We are asking blippers to show the world how important 'Savouring the Simple Things'  has been in 2023 and we want this to be the theme of an article we will circulate to the world’s press! At the end of the year, many publications like to create summaries of the year and we hope Blipfoto can be part of these features.

Maybe you have taken pictures of a tranquil countryside scene, an isolated landscape, a beach with waves gently lapping the shore or perhaps a photo of you relaxing with your favourite book. We are sure there are some incredible images taken by you. 

Savouring the Simple Things

Heres how you can help us to showcase the wonderful world of Blipfoto:

Please can you look back through your 2023 journal and tag any entries you think reflect Savouring the Simple Things and tag them #PRsimple. This will help us locate them and let us know you’re happy for us to share your images and relevant words with the media. Please continue to do this until the very end of the year. As in previous years, we’ll be busy locating images right down to the wire!

We are looking for images taken in 2023.

d like to represent each month of the year in 2023.

If you have a relevant image, either.

1. Tag them  #PRsimple 


2. Send us an email with links to your journal entries to:
3. Add a comment here with links to your journal entries

Add a snippet of any extra information you think we would find useful e.g. location including country, season, reasons why the photo fits the theme.


The questions we think you might have are here but please ask us in the comments or by email if you have another query.

Q. Do the images need to be outdoors?
No. We’re looking for your interpretation of Savouring the Simple Things.  If you think it’s fitting, with a positive message, please tag it!

Q.  Do we credit you?  
Yes - we will add your journal name like this: ‘Photograph: WharfedaleBex/Blipfoto’.

Q.  Will you share a URL weblink to my actual journal?
No.  We are only looking to use images from your journals with information about the event. 

Q.  Must the image have been taken on the day?
A.  Yes.

Our collective images and journal write-ups may well have a positive impact on other people and of course, at the same time, highlight Blipfoto.  

We hope you can help.
Lynne, Alan and Bex

Photo: A fine example of Savouring the Simple Things by blipper RHelena

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