By Breigh

Raketje and major *FACEPALM*

Aaaah, one of my first raketjes in years! (Need to be careful of sugar intake after my WLS) This wasn't so bad and it's nice to continue to 'normalize' a bit and allow myself small treats like this from time to time.

In other good news!! I think I (or hubbypod, rather) has helped suss out the source of my exhaustion and lack of motivation. I have been so wrapped up in all of the IVF stuff that I wasn't really thinking. After feeling totally exhausted the last week or two (and me assuming it was due to the stress/meds from the IVF) and my fantastic impression of a narcoleptic on the sofa last night haha Hubbypod asked when my last B12 injection was.

Oops!! That explains a lot! After my gastric bypass I don't absorb B12 from food like 'normal' people anymore so I have to give myself monthly injections. I had completely forgotten about it... which explains my tiredness and complete lack of energy / interest for anything as of late. Doh! *Facepalm* Really must set a monthly alarm for that darn thing.

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