By dfb24


On my way home from work I passed this cute little house accross from the park, surrounded by a white fence with peonies hanging all over it. Of course my brain said "blip". I hit the brakes (I DID look in the rearview mirror first so I wouldn't get my car smacked from behind), & I backed up, put it in park & reached into the back seat to get my camera. Somewhat stuidly I'd stayed in the road since no one was coming & I thought it would only take a second; but naturally a car turned onto the road from the side road & stopped right behind me! So I wave him around me (& couldn't help but notice the somewhat nasty look he shot in my direction), then backed up even more so I could pull over & park, not wanting to get in anyone else's way, & not quite noticing that there was a lady with a dog in the crosswalk that I almost hit! Now I'm pretty frazzled & wondering if this is such a good idea--but I hop out of my car, run around the front of it, take a couple of shots, & turn to go back to my car, & notice a man--obviously the owner of the house, since he's on the INSIDE of the fence holding a pruning shears--just staring at me like I'm a lunatic! So I smiled & said "nice peonies", jumped in the car, & took off! I think I'll try a different way home tomorrow! :)

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