talloplanic views

By Arell

The Big Bus

I finished work today what seemed early but I'd forgotten that I'd also started early, and frankly I didn't feel great.  I therefore sped into the garden and the fresh air and got going again with the workbenchtop before the rain discovered me.  Then I realised I'd used up most of my tube of construction adhesive and needed to get another, so a bit of trip chaining was in order as I also wanted some yoghurt to settle my insides.

While at the DIY shop, a couple of young women were fiddling around on the roof of an unusual looking double decker bus that was parked in the car park.  Interesting, I thought, and I cycled off to the supermarket.  Even more interestingly, they turned up outside the supermarket just as I was leaving, so I got to find out more.

La Karavana is a touring company founded by Saskia and Jolisa van Leeuwen from Leiden in the Netherlands, and their machine is a 46-year old bus (from Doncaster!) that they converted, almost singlehandedly, into a self-contained, 9-bed hostel.  They drive and you can book, and the tours are often arranged around climbing, surfing and generally being energetic and outdoorsy.  They are just back from a week-long tour in the Highlands, and among other destinations they are off to Iceland next year.

They have a funny-peculiar but apposite saying: "When you later wear your wooden jacket, you will regret more what you didn't do than what you did do."

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