Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


I felt like I needed a quiet day at home today so that's what I've had.  Did a few chores but nothing too strenuous.  Caught up with TV viewing and browsed the internet.  Did some online shopping as well.  Weather was bright and dry but not very warm. 

My blip shows Lily this evening nice and cosy on her fleece blanket.

Neil sent a link so I could track his progress in the Centurion Autumn 100 mile race. The runners set off at 9am.  Neil seemed to be going OK and he was doing a steady pace.  However after he had been going for around 9 hours  his pace started slowing.   Next time I checked the website his number wasn't showing up.  I waited a while and checked again.  Still nothing .... so I guessed that he must have dropped out.  I messaged Rachael to see if she knew anything.  She told me that he had pulled out.   Then Neil messaged me to let me know what had happened.  He had got soaked yesterday in the heavy rain when he was walking from the train station to his hostel so he wasn't feeling too good this morning to start with.  He was lacking in energy and then he " did his ankle in " so he decided to " pull the plug " after doing 45½  miles. If he had struggled on he would never have completed the 100 miles in under 28hrs which was the cut off point. After quitting he went straight back to his hostel and wrapped himself in a couple of duvets to try and warm up. He's exhausted so I'm sure he will sleep well and feel better in the morning.  I know he's devastated he had to quit but it was the right decision - especially if his ankle was causing trouble.  Maybe his days of Ultra Running are over and he should stick to marathons, half marathons etc.

Steps today - 4,202

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