There are hardly any flowers in my garden and those that are in bloom have already been blipped so I've had to showcase a small floral vase for Flower Friday.  Its a vintage  handpainted vase made in England by E Radford.  I think the flowers are anemones.  Thanks to BikerBear for hosting.

Had an appointment for an eye test this afternoon at Specsavers in Newcastle.  I got to town early so I could drop off a carrier bag of blister packs at Superdrug for recycling. 

Specsavers is a busy place.  So many staff and customers and lots of comings and goings.  The optician advised me that my vision has deteriorated slightly and recommended new glasses ( they always do don't they). He said my cataracts hadn't got much worse and on a scale of one to five mine were 1½ .  He was a bit concerned about some macular changes so he wants to see me again in one year instead of the usual two.

During our conversation the optician said he was from Northern Ireland so I asked him where.  The answer was ... Limavady.  That's where my daughter in law Rachael is from, where her parents still live and where Neil and Rachael were married last year.  What a coincidence. 

Next I went to choose some new frames. There was a buy one get one free deal on frames .... but not on lenses.  I need lighter/thinner varifocal lenses so its the lens part of the deal thats the most expensive. But I thought I might as well get 2 pairs of glasses so I could ring the changes.  I managed to find two frames I liked.  Total cost for the 2 pairs came to £236 which I didn't think was too bad.  They should be ready in 2 weeks.

Waitrose is quite near the opticians so I popped in there for some fruit then headed to the bus station  .... and my bus was waiting at the stand so I got straight on. Makes a change to get home so easily from town.

Steps today - 7,110 

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