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This was the occasion of Steeple Ashton's Open Gardens afternoon, in which some fifteen private gardens were thrown open to the hordes on behalf of the St Mary's Steeple Ashton Preservation Trust. Steeple Ashton is a very charming Wiltshire village whose gardens and frontages have won many awards, and a rather splendid church which gives the village its name.

Having divested myself of all my lens caps in recent days, I chose to lose the lens hood of my 12-24mm lens instead, which is quite an important piece of equipment on such a wide angle lens and will be quite expensive to replace, so I spent quite a lot of time re-tracing my steps from the point where I had carefully attached it to the lens.

Most of the pictures from the afternoon were taken with my 17-70mm lens, however, and were usefully geo-tagged as it was hard to work out exactly what part of the village I had been in. The garden in which I spent the most time, though, was this one, Ashton House, owned by Mr & Mrs Oliver, according to the pamphlet.


Blip #999
Consecutive Blip #002
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Steeple Ashton Open Gardens Day, 2 June 2013 (Flickr set)

Lens: Pentax 17-70mm

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Associates - Party Fears Two (recorded live, Top Of The Pops, March 1982)

The Associates classic never gets old.

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