Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips


I had a 9am appointment in Newport (South Wales, UK) to do my tracking, and as I had an hour to wait I enjoyed a walk in the area to do some street photography. The one I like best is of the cyclst that is an accidental blur but I like the cartoon feel and colours.

I took the opportunity to visit my dad and try again to sort out a Wetherspoons Gift Card he'd given me for my birthday. Twice I've tried to use it, after they'd apparently 'sorted it' after twice going back to the Penarth branch, only for them to tell me this time that they couldn't help and I'd have to contact Head Office.  Another example of a company where the customer service is dire. Head office phone has no human interaction - a recording tells you to e-mail!   So my advice is don't buy a Gift Card from them!

W-I-D-E on Wednesday Challenge Results....

This week has the theme 'sky'. I didn't find it easy with the bland UK sky but some managed it. Well done to the below that I make my choices this week.........thanks for having a go!

1.  KayakGirl                       Port Ludlow sunrise
2.  Hanulli                           Red sunrise
3.  Freuchie                         Afternoon walk
4.  KeenKen                         Beach scape
5.  Daring2Go                      Coronet Peak

Honourary Mentions..

Marlieske                            Blood red
Larchlea                              sunset
SeriousFrolic                       Red Leaf Pool
Ninniex                                Highway view
CarolDunham                     Promenade View

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