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By Chamaeleo

Goosle Goslings: Ripples and Brushstroke Bokeh

Better in large ("L"): I chose this photo for its unusual swirling bokeh.

I really struggled to choose today; this is not the cutest picture or the most detailed (they're on blipfolio, starting here), but I really love the bokeh here...

I've put up 5 pictures on blipfolio: they won't all be able to stay long term.
Proud parents/floating fluff
Wading close-up
Gosling feeding
Goslings in the grass
I've also put up a picture of Mr. Goosle feeding: he is very good at stripping seeds from grass heads! Here he is (in all his glory).

I watched them for about an hour today in spite of the fiercely chilly wind and drizzle; at one point I was crouching on a narrow path (with a fence on one side, and long grass by the pond on the other) and they were sufficiently comfortable that they squeezed past me! I was looking through my 70-200mm at one of the goslings, and suddenly caught sight (out of the corner of my eye) of Mr. Goosle tiptoeing warily past me. I stayed still, and Mrs. tiptoed past with a wild look in her eye. Once they were both on the other side of me, the goslings suddenly noticed and darted past me peeping all the way; it was amazing! They're always on guard when I'm close; they calm down after a little while, but I didn't think they'd approach to pass like that.

I left them when Mrs. lay down and the goslings squeezed underneath her; that certainly looked like the end of their morning's action. I wandered over to Long Pond to check on the mallardlings; I don't know how many there are as all of them were underneath their mother! They're much too big so she was almost standing with her wings hanging down and out to cover them (but for some tails). Adorable...

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