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By curns

A  Product All-hands in the afternoon. I don’t think I have been here long enough to get a lot of value out of them but he’s very transparent with the information shared and I think that’s quite a good thing.  He also announced that my boss was leaving to the wider team. There wasn’t much comment about any of the leavers who were announced but there were several.

After work I went grocery shopping. Of the staples that we usually have in the house, I did not have to buy bananas because the people at Amazon Fresh gave us plenty yesterday. As we were walking from Phil’s house to the station we passed a local Amazon Fresh where there were running some propositions to try to get people to use the store. The first hook was free bananas, which we happily took. The second, was to pay a guess-the-price type game to win a discount voucher which did. It can only be used in that one store so I don’t think we will use it but I remain intrigued by the Amazon Fresh store concept and must try one out very soon.

The end result is that we moved the meet-up to Wednesday. I was feeling bad as Thursday is her birthday and I had hoped to skip the work event but, in hindsight, missing the office dinner would be a bad move. Nobody else seemed to bite for Wednesday either, so I think it will just be the two of us again.

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