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By curns

Ticket To Ryde

I really did not sleep very well last night and I have no idea why. I should have been exhausted after the early starts for work and the two late nights but I couldn’t seem to stay asleep for very long. 

Today was the Ticket To Ryde musical festival that takes place near the beach front. It’s a free event with musical acts and some food stalls and a bar. There are also stalls and things to amuse kids. We stood around for while this afternoon, with a beer in hand, watching a couple of the acts. It’s all quite good fun.

Later in the evening we’d booked The Duck.  Although it was very busy - all the other tables were taken - it was also quite nicely spaced out. We had Mackrel Salad and Pork Belly for starters, PY had the burger and I had the lamb for main. My main course was £10 more, but he made up the difference by consuming a £9.50 Espresso Martini.  We had been meaning to eat here for a long time and I am very glad that we finally made it. It was a great way to end a sunny day.

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