By TonyG


A new crocus accession, flowering for the first time.  The seed label, says Crocus tournefortii, 2019 but this is not that species.   It's a nice plant though and looks very much like Crocus clusii, a species I have only grown occasionally over the thirty five years since the madness started (!)

A quiet day, lots of things on my to-do list though.   I managed to chalk up quite a few ticks along the way and it being a bright and sometimes sunny day I found time to do a few jobs in the greenhouse where plants need moving around as winter approaches.   Laundry dry outside was a bonus this late in the year.   

Meg and I had a walk in the sunshine before lunch.  I had a snooze before tea.   A short visit to pottery before singing this evening to roll out and cut clay using a template I made last night for hexagon bowls.   Once the clay has dried out a little and stiffened, I will assemble the shape and see what I think of it.

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