New Village Preschool

Casca and Florence were busy today as they seem to have visited five remote village communities with new preschool groups.
The buildings vary but the enthusiasm remains: the enthusiasm of remote women, with little formal education to have education of their children.
This idea has spread almost like a virus. We train the best village women to become wonderful carers, Casca visits regularly, They work in sheds, under trees, in schools and barns and eventually the men come on board and build little school buildings.
We do the training and supply some little soft toys, show them how to make teaching equipment from local materials and when they are ready for a roof we supply the metal sheets. They supply all the other materials and labour and they have THEIR school.

How simple and inexpensive is that and 50 years and millions in foreign Aid hasn't managed it.
The revolutionary idea is to ask village women what they want and they'll tell you!!
How simple and yet so few organisations do it !!. A little inspiration goes a long way.
This is part of the school group. A few more bricks and they're ready for the roof

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