Clinic Extension

By the end of this year I will be surprised if we haven't reach the half a million mark of people with clean safe drinking water fro our efforts, BUT if I had to pick one thing we did while in Malawi it would have to be this Rural Health Clinic in Lusangazi.
It is managed by one of my favourite women, Lilian, who is the most caring and competent woman I know. A powerhouse in the midst of every type of adversity, a pleasure to be around, even though she hasn't a word of English!!
What appears a long time the Health Ministry promised her a full time nurse and attendant, if she could extend the current building and build accommodation.
As always we offered the roof and the cement, but the community would have to supply materials and labour. There were meetings and meetings, chiefs and bigger chiefs, but this week Lilian and her grannies were left to make a start, by moulding bricks and collecting sand. Her husband and son rowed-in but there is no sign of any other version of manhood, not surprising really.
The picture shows some of the crew but the Flickr set shows some of today's action.

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