This is Oswald, our beekeeper bringing beehives to a village in Doroba.
He makes then, installs them and does training with the villagers.

This report came from Robert our head of farms, as well, so I've added it now (Monday morning)
Hi John
Here is our weekly report for second week June 2013 from Lusangazi
Conservation Farm.

The activities that were carried out are as follows:
ORCHARD; We have done Desuckering citrus and spraying fungicide made
from Garlic +Soap. Also cutting weed for mulching to prevent direct
sunlight in maize preparation field.

DIMBA; We have done Weeding, Applying manure, Sowing beans, spraying
pesticide making from Sisal + Dahlia + Tephrosia leaves. Also watering
1st hr and last hr of the day.
GREENHOUSES, We have done desuckering, shifing local mango
seedlings inside and also some seed testing beds to investigare germination rates for new seeds from U.S that arrived on Wednesday

Today I went to Misilu Kadambo (New co-operative farm). My aim
was to see the progress and to teach them the conservation farming
system. We will proceed on Wednesday this coming week.
Remarks, All is well but Benidicto is not feeling well due to malaria.
Lets wish him to get well soon.

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