Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Page Turner

I used to read books from cover to cover in just a few short days, but whether it is due to the changing nature of how information is now acquired, with an expectation to get an answer within a few short lines via an internet search, I find I can't read for long periods without losing focus.

It was another day where the weather improved as the day went on and now I am being bathed by late afternoon light from the sun, through the study window.

I forgot to mention for those that offered their good wishes after Tuesday's blood test that the result was as good as could be expected, with a nil PSA measurement.  Of course, as with these things the analysis can only go down to a certain level, so it is reported as less than 0.008 (what I don't know!), it is still good news and there is an expectation that if the same result happens in 3 months, the frequency of testing will be reduced to six monthly.  I take it to mean that I am in a stable condition, and that I can expect to be posting on Blipfoto for many years to come.

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