Keith B

By keibr

A wild crossing

Day 29. 
A backblip filling in one of the gaps.
Getting out of the car park at Rostock ferry terminal was not as easy as we thought. The total lack of instructions didn't help, but we got away after some help from another traveller.  (The exit machine gladly takes in a credit card, but doesn't let you pay! Pay your parking in another machine in another car park. The credit card payment didn't work there either but fortunately I had a 5 Euro note, which the machine accepted.)
And then onto the loading car park. Here we waited long enough to brew and drink a welcome cup of coffee.
All the other ferries were cancelled so we knew the seas would be stormy, and they were. Fortunately the ferry was travelling mostly into the wind, which gives a better ride for us passengers. At times it also gave us huge plumes of spray crashing high into the air and blasting into this window - spectacular!
The ship took an extra hour to cross but that seems understandable, considering the weather. We were just happy not being stuck in Rostock for a stormy weekend!
Once off the ferry we drove on, heading north-east up and across Sweden. We got as far from Storm Babette as we could, driving about 350 km. That took us well away from the Skåne flatlands where the storm spent the next 24 hours blowing trees over.
Park4Night found us a good spot in Gränna, close to the big lake, Vättern. The rainy weather and general murk meant we never actually saw the lake, but we did sleep very well, and there were toilets and water where we stopped. One more day of travel and we'll be home!

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