Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Good times

Halloween parties do something to some people. Inhibitions seem to melt away. A woman with attitude, Mary Ann isn’t shy about wearing her swimsuit, and her “Miss Green Valley” was a hit.

I did the planning for this holiday spectacular. I had water, apple cider, bags of candy and tableware for 25 people, not to mention the decorations and planned activities and prizes. Seven women showed up. I’m truly, truly disappointed. Those who came had a good time, I think. They also seemed to appreciate the time, money and effort I put in.

I can relax for a while now. RO and windows are done. This party’s over. I’m trying to get conservative treatment and stay positive about my foot and my back. Hopefully, there will be fewer sleepless nights not worrying about it all anymore.

Next up is a trip to the Canyon for six nights beginning two weeks from now. Is it too early to pack? :-)

In other news…my laptop continues to overheat despite having the fans replaced. So, I ordered a new one, an Asus, on sale from Best Buy. Should get it on Tuesday.
October: when all of the dust and cobwebs in the house become Halloween decorations.

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