A day in the life

By Shelling


My landlord and his wife are in Stockholm for a couple of days and he asked me if I could feed the cows while they were away. He showed me what to do and it's honestly not very complicated.  The grass isn't growing very much anymore so they need extra food in the form of silage, ensilage in "Swedish", which concists of pressed grass and plants, stored in large plastic bales used as a winter feed. Before my landlord left he opened and put out four bales in front of the cows feeding place, half indoors under a roof. My job is to make sure they can reach the food and that there is a sufficient lot of it at muffle distance. When they eat they throw it around a bit and after a while they can't reach it anymore, that's where I come in, to fill up and make it reachable.

Easy job in theory but when it rains and blows a northerly gale it's not so fun to get out of bed early, through slippery mud to feed them, and then again at dusk. The cows are very friendly and understanding though and seems to have accepted me as their new chef. Personally I think the food looks disgusting and doesn't smell very appetizing either, but then I'm not a cow.

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