By Teasel

North British Railway

Another day in the office. I had planned to work from home today, but was interviewing this afternoon, so agreed to be in the office with my panel members.  It was another busy morning, doing a few urgent tasks.  I had hardly any time to get my head into interview space.  I was delighted that one of the candidates withdrew his application, as that freed up some time in my calendar.  The interviews went ok and we have a preferred candidate.  I had to spend time uploading the required information onto the corporate recruitment system tonight, so that HR can let the candidates know.  HR and their fancy system are absolutely hopeless.  I have lost faith in them.  I am not sure what value they have added to this recruitment process, given I have ended up having to constantly chase them and then do most of the work myself.  I do hope I get an opportunity to provide feedback on their service.
Later I had a panicked call with my boss, which was very unhelpful.
When I eventually got home, I couldn’t understand why BB was hanging about as he should have been at football training.  Unknown to me it had been cancelled due to the bad weather, which I hadn’t even noticed.  I was delighted to hear that his football game on Saturday has been cancelled, given what I heard about the opposition’s last game. 
I went for a late walk in the dark, before tackling the HR system. 
An emergency blip -  part of a decorative fence around a garden beside the site of the former station.

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