Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful

You called?

Poor Charlie :(

Last night as I left youth club, there were loads of fireworks going off and when I came home I couldn't find her - she was buried right at the back of the sofa, ears laid back, really frightened :(:(

After we were in bed, even more fireworks started going off.  I opened the office door and she went under the table in there, poor old puss (and I absolutely hate fireworks because of my cats, not one of them has coped very well with them).

She's not really gone out today in the daylight until I encouraged her this afternoon in a brief spell of sunshine, and has been lying next to me on the sofa all afternoon.  Sorry to say but she seems to be off her food too.  Quite worried really (hoping its just the fireworks).

There's an organised display tonight but I've not heard anything yet.  I'm hoping its further away...

I really haven't warmed up all day today.  I went shopping first thing - and the air con was on in the supermarket, and so cold.  I came home and put the shopping away before sitting down for a cuppa.  I was so cold, I went back to bed for a while.

In the end as soon as I put the heating on this afternoon, I went for a nice hot shower and got into my pjs.

I've since had my curry for dinner and suddenly got much warmer!!

Looking forward to Strictly shortly :)

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