West Woods

This large area of woods is the go-to place in this part of Wiltshire for experiencing bluebells en masse, and lies near Marlborough, south of Clatford. If you can escape the populace (difficult even within the woods), it can offer an eerie and mystical atmosphere as I've tried to show here, when the light penetrates the towering trees.

I went on to Marlborough, whose large Waitrose I had forgotten offers such a wide range of groceries compared to the basics available at home. I felt as if I had crossed the channel instead of merely hopping a few miles along the A4, and I came back with a supply of Fentiman's drinks, Duchy vintage cider and shortbreads and all manner of fancy foods.

Thanks to everyone for their responses to my thousandth blip!


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West Woods

Lens: Pentax 17-70mm

Bluebell series
West Woods series

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