Bowood 2013 #13: The Rhododendron Walks

As well as the House, Gardens, Grounds and Lake, for a period during the summer there are also The Rhododendron Walks. These are on a separate part of the Bowood estate and have their own entrance further up the road.

I'm not the greatest fan of the rhododendron as to me they seem showy and out of place in the British landscape. Perhaps I would feel differently if I saw them in their natural habitat, such as in the Himalayas. However, the Walks were due to close in early June (this has now been extended as everything is late this year - I believe they won't close until the 23rd), and I thought I ought to give them a look over as part of my Bowood 2013 project, so I went along on this afternoon.

Actually, I enjoyed the experience more than I had expected. As well as rhododendrons and azaleas there were plenty of other shrubs, trees and planting to enjoy, and bluebells and wildflowers mingled with everything. The walks cover quite a large area so the rhododendrons had room not to crowd everything else, and this year a new section, the Jubilee Gardens had opened for the first time. There was quite a lot to see and I realised another visit or two would be in order, especially as I took the opportunity to try out a couple of benches and catch up on some magazine reading. I reached the 18th century Robert Adam mausoleum at the far end and The Quarry attractively landscaped beyond it.

Having lost so many lens caps and hoods recently there was little left to lose, and I returned with the same complement I had set out with for once, though I had to change batteries in two cameras and make do without the GPS-unit as the spare battery for that turned out to need recharging.


Blip #1,002
Consecutive Blip #005
Day #1,168

Jubilee Gardens
Well-Trodden Paths
Fallen Blossom
Pleasant Pheasant

Lens: Pentax 17-70mm, Sigma 70-300mm

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