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By Chamaeleo

Goosle Goslings: Drinking

Another day of tricky choices: the goslings make it hard to choose...
The cootlings on Eagle Pond were screaming their hearts out this morning; they're quite large now (losing their tufts and becoming more grey) but still demanding constant attention. The coots were up to their usual antics: they chased the goslings when Mr. Goosle was off chasing mallards (Mr. hates mallards...), and Mrs. Goosle had to step in with some stern honks and raised wings to drive off the ASBO birds. Mr. Goosle returned looking all pleased with himself and triumphant, while Mrs. Goosle rounded up the perturbed-looking goslings... Seems like pretty standard family dynamics!

I've put two experimental shots (cropped hard to maximise cuteness) on Blipfolio:
Close crop 1
Close crop 2

I took these photos first thing, but have been on the go all day... I decided to blip goslings today because the weather forecast made it seem as though tomorrow would be bad, but this afternoon's weather has been mad (I got drenched by falling sheets of water), and now the forecast says it'll just be grey tomorrow not very wet. *Shrugs*

p.s. That's Mr. Goosle on the right.

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