... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

No Photography, Please.

More effective in large ("L").

"Do you have permission to take photographs here?"
"I didn't know that I needed permission to take photographs here!"
"Well, you do! Customers may not wish to be photographed..."
"I'm photographing straight upwards; there are no customers up on the ceilings, but don't worry, I'll stop..."

Hum, I understand really.

Meh, I went to Eagle Pond this afternoon and the fishers were there in force. The water level is low, and there were people fishing at all the low points/beaches, leaving no-where for the goslings to get out. The water level has made many of the usual low points (including the island) out of reach for such tiny creatures.
I spoke to the "water bailiff" (a fishermen designated to monitor the others, and to enforce the rules) who seemed uninterested. "We've turned on the tap; we're raising the level...". That may be true, but it doesn't stop the fact that the goslings can't get out to graze!
In the end, the parents managed to get them out on the island, but there is little foliage there. Argh, I'll go back tomorrow and if the situation is the same I'll phone the park warden; he has been helpful at times, but is often uninterested...

The fishermen had also found a chick: they'd put it in a box and put the box in the rushes, but it doesn't stand a chance... It looks like a pigeon chick. It is only just starting to develop feathers, and will certainly die without parental care. Sad times...

When out shopping, we saw a very funny pigeon: it was standing next to one of the water spouts on Duke of York's Square looking very silly...

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