Lancelin Western Australia

Today was the first time it has rained since we have been in Perth. It was more like torrential squally showers than constant rain though.

Pictured are some of the boats that patrol the coast here looking for their catch. I was licky enough to see one offloading. Four crates. Maybe 40 crayfish to a crate at maybe $40per/kg. You do the math.

We took advantage of Bob's offer to use his car and took a drive north with the intention of stopping over at Steve (Jo's other brother) for the night.

Apart from a dodgy fuel gauge and some panic because of it, we had a really good day. It was windy and cool but not unpleasant. Apparently that happens tomorrow with 50kt winds predicted. I am almost excited because we don't get weather like that in Queensland.

Dinner was had at a very nice restaurant in Two Rocks. I had seafoord risotto. Yum.

Tonight we are staying in Yanchep National Park at Steve and Dina's place with their lovely kids. I am somewhat knackered from entertaining kids all afternoon and driving and yes, some drinking of the alcohol.

Tomorrow we will spend the day here and head back to Perth city for our last night on holiday.

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