By spannarama


...On the wall outside The Lantern in Ilfracombe High Street - where we went to a Christmas fair this morning.  It was a pretty small affair, but quite sweet, and I picked up a couple of gifts for my Mum and sister.

We had lunch back at home, then set to work outside.  Tim pressure washed the rest of the drive/front garden paving, and I helped with sweeping.  I then swept all the way down to what I've taken to calling 'the lower garden' (lol), clearing the steps as I went - and did a whole load of pruning (especially of the over-enthusiastic honeysuckle).

Completely exhausted after all that!  We popped out early evening to pick up some bits and pieces from Lidl, and I gave my Mum a call when we got back - nice to catch up with her.  I cooked us dinner, then struggled to stay awake for the rest of the evening, including watching Twelve Monkeys on iPlayer.  So tired!

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