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Remembrance Ceremony

Bridport's parade started in rain, gentle but persistent and I took a risk flying my drone to capture the event.  But I had obtained the blessing of the Town Council, and I'd been able to make sure that no one else would be flying at the same time, so it was reasonably important that I make the effort to get some photos and some video for the Council.

Having got some video and photos at the start of the parade, remaining clear of the crowds, it was a bit tricky getting to the end of the parade while still avoiding the crowds.  But flying down the roof tops, narrowly avoiding the weather vane on the church tower (I blame parallax), I managed to get the thing beyond the crowds and look back at the ceremony before the two minutes' silence.  The cordon was new for this year, I think.  The authorities were keen to avoid the cluster of photographers behind the war memorial who last year were making a fair old clatter with their cameras, apparently.

I am torn between recording the event and taking part; I still have a hat I could wear, a couple of medals (attendance jobs) to put on and a tie I could wear.  And a pub on this street will provide free beer to all who have served and who take part :-).  But I think I'm doing my bit.

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