By MrsK277

And he's home!

Pilates first thing. She worked us hard. Great session and it goes so quickly. 
I came home to change and hang another load of washing on the line.
Then I couldn't get out in the car again, as another massive lorry was delivering supplies to the builders. Frustrating.
Eventually got out and picked up Julia for a trip to Perrywoods. She'd never been before and was amazed by how massive and busy it was. We had a lovely lunch and she filled me in on the difficulties her youngest is having at school. Why can't people just show kindness? Simples really. We then had a wander round the incredible Christmas display with its wonderful settings. I used to bring FK here just to oooh and aaah at it's amazingness! There were some little people there doing just the same. It's magical.
MrK arrived home, shattered, having enjoyed the sun on his back and 'meetings'. It's good to have him home.

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