Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Autumn Continues

Walking back from the pool, I walk through a modern estate built on the old Bloxwich engineering factory.  The roads have names like catches, pulleys, stamping, etc.  I’m not a great lover of modern estates, the front elevations of properties move ever nearer the pavement, the houses often have a third storey and the gardens are even smaller.  As a form of compensation there is a communal square and this silver birch is still holding onto its leaves, even as December approaches.  Perhaps the heat from the houses that surround the square provide a micro climate? Certainly most of the silver birches in the park are bereft of leaves.

Took this using a program called Spectre on the phone.  It allows for multiple exposure shots in quick succession.  You just have to hold the phone steady with a handy indicator on the screen to assist.

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