Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Quiet Moment

Neither Mrs BB or I slept well on the sofa, so were up early to go and watch grandson Jack at 9am rugby training on a frosty pitch at a local park in Godalming, Surrey (UK).

Getting home mid-morning it was nice to warm up with a cuppa and home made bacon sandwiches and spend time with grandchildren we don't get to see too much due to the distance. The blipfoto shows granddaughters Amelia (L) and Sofia being watched by Amelia's dog Milo who'd travelled up with her mum and dad who stayed in a local hotel.  How did we manage before electronic gadgets? It was nice to enjoy a quiet moment!

We set off for home just after midday for the three hour journey, and it was nice to get home before the light faded. I was able to switch on the heating about an hour before we arrived home - some gadgets are good!

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