By MrsK277

Pilates and Perrywoods

A beautiful fresh morning again. Bright and crisp. Made it to pilates just in time again...not sure where the time goes. The sun shines warm in the studio in her garden and fills me with joy! A good session that goes too quickly. Back home for a quick change and pick up Heather.

Off to Perrywoods for a spot of lunch before wandering through the 'Through the ages' Christmas time. This one struck me in the 70's with the white, patent platform boots behind the sleigh. I saw lots of different things I'd missed with Julia a few weeks ago. There was so much detail. Picked up some lush greenery and berries for my door wreath.

Heather came in for a cuppa and we sussed some origami stars I'd been struggling with. Another photo opportunity when I've put them on a string to make a garland.
Nachos for the boys tea. MrK put up the outside Christmas lights with a huff and a puff!

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