By proutydwarf


As I bound into work for another awesome is one of the first of the many daily reminders I get that I'm just not built for the man made environment around me....

At work alone, for example....

....I park by the kerb to get into my car (I'm sure the motor industry are making a conscious effort to design average cars as though they are all people carriers these days),

....I need a dais to reach the loo (well actually this has been the case ever since I left school),

....I take my chair with me wherever I go because all others in the office are too high (I'm not joking, I literally wheel my little desk chair with me wherever I go because none of the other office chairs go down low enough for me and I'm sh*t at standing),

....The hot water dispenser is situated too dangerously for me to make my own coffee (its on the wall above a worktop but even if I could reach it would be right at my eye level, just right for a scalding),

....I have to leave the building if I want to use the microwave (seriously, it was decided hot food, or warmed up food, is too smelly for the office floor kitchens so the microwaves were moved downstairs into a main which there is no lift),

....I need a step to even see the photocopier controls (but as we don't have one I rely on the kindness of others),

....and in the lift I can't even see to straighten my bloody tie....!

Leaving work for the day, my colleagues quip, as I disappear out of the door...."see you shortly"....

piss-takers lol

I took this photo as the situation reminded me of one of my favourite Blowfish pictures....

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