Musing of a Lady

By inkstainedhands

A Cat on a Vespa

What a day. We took Little Man to have his professional passport photo taken, for his Dutch passport. In England we were able to get apply online, as well as taking our own photo of him. However, the passport office is a lot stricter here. So, off we went.

My mum has had appointments all day and my dad's been busy with preparation for tomorrow evening. So Little Man and I had a lot of fun together. When Little Man went down for his sleep, I was able to get some time for myself. When I went outside this cat was sitting on quite happily on this Vespa. I had to take a photo of the cat on his perch. I love unusual photo opportunities and this was definitely one of them.

As I type this, I'm sitting in the car on the way home from Veenendaal. The third membership meeting was being held here and I was able to get a lift with one of my dad's friends who was going.

The latest Android update was released last night and since the Blipfoto app hasn't been updated recently, I can't post my picture on there. It keeps saying that the picture resolution is too low. Oh well, I'm keeping the app on my phone to keep on top of all your photos but it looks like I'll be posting my photos on my phone's web browser or on my laptop. Has anybody else had this problem with their Android device?

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