Mail to Messy

By Horomaka

Is fourteen twice as lucky?

If seven is a lucky number, then surely it must be?

In which case, today - our fourteenth wedding anniversary - I have double the reasons to be thankful for being married to my amazing wife.

This composition says much about us. We met in London and were married in Chelsea, although I didn't wear a biker boot on the big day. I was earlier on the day we met though, until that is I was involved in a road traffic accident when I was knocked off my motorbike by an illegally turning car. Luckily I was unhurt - you could say it was only the first fall of the day, the second was when we met later that evening...

Just a few months after our meeting we were married, and less than six months later I emigrated here to NZ with my kiwi wife. The rest, as they say, is history. The second part of my life began and I haven't looked back....

OK, there's the story of the image, but here's what's behind the shot. The shoes are miniature porcelain ones (part of a range of historic replicas called Just The Right Shoe) and are sitting on an iPad, displaying the map and providing the uplighting. I shot this in a darkened hallway with no ambient light, with a flash set to half power bounced off the wall behind the camera to add the top lighting of the shoes. To ensure there was no light spill, a black reflector was placed behind the shoes and iPad to soak up any ambient light. And there you have it.

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