Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

While on the subject of that diver

..later on this afternoon I took this shot of the William Walker pub sign.  The pub is on the corner of Market Street and The Square, looking over the Catherdral's Outer Close.  William Walker was, of course, the diver who saved the Cathedral. In Winchester he is something of a hero and a selling point (do I sound cynical - I do apologise).  In this shot you can see the west end of said cathedral behind the trees.  The diving helmet is the kind Walker would have worn, though obviously not the original one.  I thought it looked good against that sky.

Earlier I did more Christmas shopping in the rain.  In fact I have nearly finished, which is something of a relief.

My back is very sore - I shall have to take more pain pills to keep me going tonight  ;((

Hope your day's been a good one  xx

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