By Number147


Walk first thing.

I've recently discovered there's an arts supplies warehouse in Melksham. Their main business is on line and trade customers but they open to individuals like me.

Clive and I went to have a look. You have to ask for prices because usually they pick orders for their on line customers. I thought the prices very good and I was given 15% off.

I bought a portable water colour set, some copper leaf sheets and a kit they put together for me for lino cut printing. I loved lino cut printing at school. (One hundred years ago!!!)

As we were in Melksham, we decided to go to Asda where we bought a few treats for Christmas. I'm stupidly excited about having all my children home at the same time!

Joey spent some time with us this afternoon because his mums were both otherwise engaged.

It was great fun having two dogs but Clive managed to lose his mobile whilst we were out with them. Much time was spent retracing our steps. We found it in the park. 

We are keeping it local this evening and meeting friends at the pub up the road.

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