While on my runs

By waipushrink

Our Kereru

Perhaps it would be more accurate to describe us as the Kereru's humans. 

Repeatedly this bird and its mate flew around the tall trees at the front of our section. Every so often one or other of the two would pause and the other would continue. Sometimes leaving these trees; sometimes going higher up, and at other times going to a different perch as on the power lines.

It looked jard and long at me, before heading after the other higher up in the canopy, before both left. However, I kept hearing their wing beats for more than an hour, although rarely did I see even one of them.

I am grateful for the chance to record this big bird so clearly.

Daughters came to ours for dinner of roast lamb, with tiny potatoes, baby carrots and chunks of broccoli. All done in the BBQ

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