By pensionspoet


Not weather, that was still mild. I even put some washing on the line, because my two clothes horses were full.

I woke early, and put ralgex or the modern equivalent onto my neck and shoulders. I think it is causing my headaches and pains in my head. I have a lot of tension in that area. Awake early, I got up when Jon did, and started with the ironing. I put a Christmas rom com on as I did it! Noone else likes those!

I had a bit more of my sewing project to finish off, but only succeeded in jamming up my sewing machine! Had coffee when Jon got back from archery...he got his 5 arrows in the gold and was keen to show me, so I'm sharing with you. He had some new young ones to teach today. So made a good impression there!

He then had an hour gardening at David's so Mollie and i had a game of chess. I have never been any good at chess, so don't like playing it. But Mollie has only just learnt, and played one game against Henry last week, so we were evenly matched!

When Jon got back, we took a quick march over to Felbrigg for the carol concert in the courtyard, put on by the Sheringham brass band which my work friend Heather is a member of. It was lively to be able to sing along.

It was almost dark when we got home. Jon cooked dinner while I continued sewing. That probably isn't helping my stiff neck. Then I had a nice hot bath and listened to The Archers on Sounds, that I had missed this morning.

Now watching the programme about Arthur Conan Doyle which started last week. Anything Lucy Worsley, and we are there!!

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