By Number147


Horrible walk in drizzle this morning but it wasn't cold.

Hetty wanted to go into the park as we passed on our way home. She had found a ball and wanted to play.

Sarah could see me from her home office window so joined us with Stella, her puppy.

Hetty was flummoxed. Daisy and Silk nowhere to be seen and here was a very bouncy lurcher! She had to give her a good barking to. Very amusing.

We've had nothing but ambulances down our end recently. Two and at different addresses on Sunday.

David, across the road was found lying in the road one day last week. We must have been out because we both missed it. 

An ambulance this morning for Brian. He's in hospital now.

At least Roger is no longer requiring one every other week. God rest his soul.

The photo is of my much missed Millie, taken in December 2010.

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