While on my runs

By waipushrink

In deep shadow

A good day at the Centre. Patients all came. Got my notes and letters done. And took some time to summarise an important paper on renal effects of lithium. The side effects are real but uncommon. Severe ill effects are rare, and avoidable by careful management. And lithium remains the best medication for many patients.

Stopped at Western Springs for a walk at Te Wai Orea. My first photo is my blip. Fortunately I rarely delete from the camera, waiting until I see the photo on a screen. The photo has captured very well what I saw.

I have added two extras The feral or rock pigeon is an unusual colour. The tree that has become no more than a low stump did have some dead branches. It is sad that it was removed, and the only good thing is that it is likely to be a source of pleasure for small children.

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