Evening Cycle in the Dales

Another long and frustrating day at the office, dealing mostly with unexpected problems rather than the development work which becomes more pressing with every passing day. But enough of that. On a warm and muggy day, working up a fine sweat on my cycle to the office in the morning, I decided to extend my commute home, in the end by quite a long way, returning via Gargrave, Cracoe and Burnsall. I continue to be astounded by the proliferation of wild flowers in the hedgerows this year. The buttercups have gone quite mad and the cow parsley too. I have never ever seen anything quite like it, and that same message is all over blipworld. It's good to know it's not just my imagination!

This shot was taken on the road from the hamlet of Thorpe on the way from Cracoe to Burnsall. Not all the lanes are quite this narrow but it will give you some idea of why I think the Yorkshire Dales is such a cycling paradise. I feel incredibly privileged. Despite all the pressures I'm feeling right now it would have been a crime not to have made the most of the evening. Only trouble is that it left me no time to blip or look at any journals. I'm still playing catch-up with my own journal!

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