By Teasel


Another day in the office.  I had half planned to work from home today, but TT is on holiday now, so I thought I would just go to the office.  There’s nothing worse than working, when others aren’t.
It has continued to be busy today, but  nothing compared to recent days.  I took the opportunity to catch up with a few colleagues, and turned my mind to all the things I have parked over the last few weeks/month, as I just didn’t have the capacity. 
I left early tonight and bumped into a colleague on the bus home.  We Chatted all the way home, which saved me from nodding off. 
TT was in bed when I got home.  He has been feeling a bit ropey the past couple of days and has been feeling rubbish today, so just went to his bed.  Not great, especially as he is meant to be on annual leave.
Another early morning view of Edinburgh, this time looking over Waverley Station.

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