A time for everything

By turnx3

A prayer for Peace

I have blipped this candle holder several times, but the prayer has never seemed so desperate as this year. This rewriting of O little Town of Bethlehem came up on my Facebook feed this morning, and seems appropriate to include, the author saying Feel free to share

O little town of Bethlehem,
So still in our minds’ eye
With candle lights and starlit nights,
And angels drawing nigh.
Yet in thy dark streets soundeth
The echoed wails of grief,
Of ancient fears, of bombs and tears,
Of agony and strife.

For Christ was born of Mary
And Joseph, born in love;
But soldiers came, in someone’s name,
With something left to prove.
So Mary brought up Jesus
In lands broken and cursed,
To preach and sing of no more kings,
Of peace to all the Earth.

How desperately, how desperately
That peace is needed now,
Which Love imparts to human hearts
To flower and to grow.
Our ears are numbed by anguish,
Cries from this world of sin.
Our weak souls yearn to feel the burn
Of Sacred Power within.

O holy Child of Bethlehem,
Reveal to us thy Way
Of justice, peace, and healing Grace;
Be born in us today.
We are the Christmas angels;
Help us glad tidings tell.
O walk with us, shine forth through us:
Each one, Emmanuel!

Step count: 8,125

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