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Look Who’s Here … Again

We have acquired our daughter’s dogs for a few days, while their humans are off to Centre Parc for a break.

We brought the guests home with us earlier today when we returned from our Christmas visit. It was a long journey in pouring rain and gusty winds and there was a huge queue for the roadworks at Darrington…. much, much longer than usual. Daughter got stuck in the same queue, and then spent ages queuing further north on the A1 and the A66!

I don’t think the dogs will be getting much of a walk’s not very nice out and they’re not great fans of rain!! They look quite comfortable on their bed at the moment. I just waved my little camera vaguely in their direction for the shot..although Buzz is hidden behind Oreo.

A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday for my tenth anniversary blip..thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement and for the stars and the hearts.

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