Pictorial blethers

By blethers


Our progress round Edinburgh continues… we may not have a posse of attendant lords, but we do seem to have increased our baggage train as we move from Newhaven to Murrayfield. Actually I’m knackered - after sleeping so soundly two nights ago, I saw 3 am on my watch before becoming sufficiently unconscious not to care. Part of it was the pillows - Premier Inn say they provide a firm pillow and a soft one, but I’d say it was more hard and less hard and last night even the soft one felt like a hot brick.

Ewan came over with the car to rescue us when we checked out, and we spent the rest of the morning drinking coffee, eating bagels with Christmas marmalade and chatting. Later I made turkey sandwiches while he made soup, and we had a last lunch together before he drove us and all our stuff to his brother’s.

And that’s where we are now. The boys are off at a football camp, so four of us drank fizz, wine …and after dinner watched a deeply crazy, enjoyable film and came to bed with a mug of tea. Our home patch seems to be running in water, but we’ve not been particularly aware of the torrents here.

Pictured is whatever cat - Arthur or Oreo - it was that I found sleeping when I went for a seat this afternoon. I aspire to that level of relaxation…

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